Some phrases are so Irish you could grow potatoes on them. This really straight forward piece was directly inspired by the comedic genius of the Republic of Telly’s “Things you could say in the 80’s” (Go to 2.46). Any illness in Ireland can be treated by a granny equipped with some batch bread and a bottle of 7up. 

0058-(2) 0134

I ironed the green bottle to get it flat and then used Photoshop to subvert the 7up logo before converting it into a digital embroidery design and stitching it out.

Logan McLain Flat Digital Embroidery

The toast took me several failed attempts. I thought I’d be super clever by cutting out tinfoil and putting it under the grill. I very quickly found out that I needed to clean the grill as the kitchen filled with smoke and I didn’t get the nice burnt-on-toast typography I was hoping for (nailed it). I used a wood burner in the end for a much cleaner, more precise outcome and no fire alarm.







This woman came to see my exhibition in Crawford College of Art. I love this picture of her, she looks amazing.Logan McLain Crawford Exhibition