You ever see those motivational posters that say “When nothing goes right, go left”. Well fuck that, sometimes when nothing goes right you should take your ass down to the kitchen and bake yourself a mother fucking cake. Why? Simple. Cake makes you feel better. Hell, make yourself a nice, strong cup of coffee to go with it. Why the fuck not? You enjoy your god damn cake and your god damn coffee and you let everything else just go and fuck itself. Good. Glad we agree. IMG_3270 IMG_3273 IMG_3297 IMG_3302 (so yeah, 3oz caster sugar mixed with two large eggs. Mix the shit out of that till it stands up then gradually sieve in 4oz plain flour and gently fold it into the mixture. Split it into two round, greased baking trays and bake that shit for 10 mins at 200 degrees. Let those suckers cool off while you whip up some cream and chop some strawberries. The typography is optional, I printed mine of then cut it out, wet it a little and let it sit on the surface – sieve some icing sugar on it and pull off the paper letters. Get eating bitch.)