This pair of paper-based typography works are a very simple exploration of how material and process can be used to re-enforce the meaning of type. There’s an American typographer called Matthew Butterick who said,

“Good typography is measured by how well it reinforces the meaning of the text.”

I think textiles has a lot to offer the meaning of text through the materials that are chosen and the processes that are used. Cloth and stitch both come with their own material cultures and how you use them can add another layer of meaning to what you do.

These works are A0 size and are made from hundreds of individual pin pricks in the paper. The negative space describes the letter forms. I used Fabriano paper often used by graphic artists as a print ground. This type of paper is arguably actually closer to being cloth than paper as it contains 60% cotton fibres.

This investigation started life as smaller scale test pieces in my notebook while I learning about how computer systems and programs deal with input and output.

logan-mc-lain-in-out-1 logan-mc-lain-in-out-2 logan-mc-lain-in-out-3 logan-mc-lain-in-out-4 logan-mc-lain-in-out-5 logan-mc-lain-in-out-6 logan-mc-lain-in-out-7