Animated Embroidery

After my first attempts to produce some animated embroidery I decided to take a slightly different approach to making GIFs by importing videos into Photoshop and exporting each frame as a JPG. The next step was to run each frame through the photostitch algorithm in PE Design. The outcomes were more reminiscent of the kinds of textile drawings I do on a normal sewing machine. These textile GIFs took considerably longer to produce as each individual frame had to be dealt with separately for digitisation, stitching, scanning and animating. 25 frames per second for a 4 second long GIF is 100 jpgs, 100 PES files, 100 embroideries, 100 scans, 100 layers in Photoshop. This took ages.

Logan McLain Multihead Frame Textile GIFs

Logan McLain Multihead Textile GIFs

Logan McLain Multihead Stitching Textile GIFs

Logan McLain Deer Frames Textile GIFs

Embroidered GIFs

These are the two outcomes from this latest experiment. One of the issues that cropped up with this approach is the file size is prohibitive. They are huge in their native state and have to be reduced a lot in quality to get them anywhere near the file size you need for displaying on the web.

Logan McLain Animated Embroidery Textile GIFs

Logan McLain Animated Embroidery Textile GIFs